Bošak Ston - Size: 107,055 m2 (26.45 Acres; 1 152 330 sq ft) - cadastral plot: 2095, cadastral municipality: Ston

  • The plot is entirely located within the Walls of Ston, with its separate entrance gate (the only passage through the Ston walls!)

  • The Walls of Ston are the longest preserved medieval stone fortification system in Europe, and one of the longest such walls in the World

  • There is an old building on the plot built before 1968 and a well, both for reconstruction

  • Plot is also ideal for a cable car route (which is already planned in the Municipality of Ston), Zip line, or other tourist attractions, as well as for the construction of a thematic and interactive park for tourists ("Walk through the history of the Dubrovnik Republic and Ston") with potential of obtaining non-refundable funds from EU for this project

  • It is also possible to build up to three luxury villas each of them 400 square meters (0.098 Acre) and each up to 1000 square meters (0.247 Acre) of basement / underground unit (for wine celler or similar) along with planted olive trees or any other culture, and registered family farm/business