We are the owners of more than 120 plots of land on the Pelješac peninsula, with a total area of over 930 thousand square meters. Most of the plots are located in the cadastral municipality of Zaton Doli and Ston.
Currently, three very attractive and exclusive plots are FOR SALE:

1. "Maslina Bay (Zec)" in Ston Bay - 216,904 square meters - cadastral plot (k.č.) 1276/1 - cadastral municipality (k.o.) Zaton Doli - Beautiful beach with private access with a length of 140 meters - Ideal plot for the construction of a marina (port for nautical tourism). Possible construction of seven luxury villas each up to 400 square meters (0.098 Acre) and each up to 1000 square meters (0.247 Acre) of basement / underground unit (for wine cellar or similar). Building a hotel, tourist settlements, and campsites is also possible with an agreement with the municipality of Ston. Several stone houses built before 1968 are located on the plot and can be reconstructed.

2. "Veliki Školj" Island in Bay of Mali Ston - 21,677 square meters - cadastral plot 1571, cadastral municipality Zaton Doli - An island with complete privacy, ideal for a glamping resort or exclusive daily rentals for various events, etc. There is a small stone house built before 1968 on the island, as well as a fresh water source within a cave. Possible construction of a stone house with certain amount of planted olive trees or with a registered oyster farm.

3. "Bošak" Ston - 107,055 square meters - cadastral plot (k.č.) 2095, cadastral municipality (k.o.) Ston - The plot is entirely situated within the Ston walls, has its own separate entrance gate, and there is an old stone house from 1968, and a water well, both for reconstruction. Plot is also ideal for a cable car route, zip line, or other tourist attractions, as well as for the construction of a thematic and interactive park for tourists ("Walkthrough the history of the Dubrovnik Republic and Ston") with possibility of obtaining non-refundable funds from EU. There is a potential of building three luxury villas up to 400 square meters (0.098 Acre) each and each villa can have up to 1000 square meters (0.247 Acre) of basement / underground unit (for wine cellar or similar) alongside planted olive trees, grapes or another crop, with a registered family farm.

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